SEA 157 SA VHF Transceiver

SEA 157SA VHF/FM DSC Class A Marine Radio


The new SEA 157SA VHF/FM DSC Marine Radios are compliant to ITU and IMO standards for DSC Class A GMDSS radios. These new VHF transceivers are built on the widely accepted and proven model 157 platform and award winning DSP technology. Several advanced communication capabilities and new feature sets enhance operator safety and efficiency for individual vessel and fleet operators. These features meet the demanding technical performances and operational requirements of today’s professional Maritime Operators and fleet services.
Significant new features include a high-resolution display; transmitter/receiver bandwidth covers all USA/Int’l channels and selective private channel access (with FCC license), Public Coast Station calling operations, dedicated DSC receiver/controller (Channel 70), plus software expandable user/operator interfaces and operator setup functions.
These radios can be programmed to support Fleet Management operations such as automatic position broadcasting and external PC applications for asset tracking, text and data messaging and command and control functions. Critical functions can be programmed in advance as “set and forget” radio operations. * Note; certain features require an external PC Application.


New SEA 157 SA radio features and options include -

  • New SEA 157SA radio features include:
  • Channel 70 and Working Channel DSC capability Selective ID and Group Calling
  • Distress Call Management M i s s e d C a l l L o g
  • Dual Watch and Priority Scan
  • VDR Output
  • Working Channel Security
  • Excellent Audio Quality
  • Extensive Calling & ID Directories
  • Encryption
  • Automatic Position Reporting *
  • Text & Short Messaging Options *
  • I/O ports for PC & GPS
  • Text Message and Data options*
  •  (* certain features require an external PC App)


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