SEA 1630 Automatic Antenna Tuner 13.6 VDC

The 1630 is a 1.6 to 30 MHZ 300 Watt Automatic Antenna Tuner that is weatherproof and specifically designed for use with the SEA 330 system. For operation on 13.6 VDC negative ground. Note: Required tuner interconnect cable (CAB-1630-XXX) sold separately



The SEA 1612C Automatic antenna coupler is designed for use with SEA 235, SEA 235R, SEA 235D, SEA 245 and SEA 245/24 plus many more.


Designed and built by SEA, a Marine industry leader in high technology, the SEA 1630 automatic tuner combines the sophistication of advanced microprocessor techniques with high order practicality and operational reliability.

The SEA 1630 tuner is housed in a weatherproof molded case designed to withstand environmental conditions encountered aboard ship when mounted on the weather decks.

The SEA 1630 was designed specifically as a companion for the SEA 330 radiotelephone but is also capable of independent operations with other radio brands. When used with SEA 330 radiotelephone, the 1630 resides on the SEABUSS and functions as a peripheral of the radio’s central CPU system.

The SEA 1631 version incorporates the SEA SEABUSS protocol for use with SEA 235 or SEA 245 radiotelephones. In this interactive mode, the coupler receives information from the radio containing the operating frequency. If previously tuned, the coupler will preset to the stored configuration automatically, before RF power is applied.

Information can also be sent from the radio to set the coupler for Voice, DSC, Telex/ Data functions. Demand tune is also supported in the interactive mode.

The SEA1630 is a fully automatic, microprocessor-based antenna tuner. First impulse from the transceiver initiates a rapid microprocessor search and match procedure that determines antenna characteristics and optimizes antenna match power transfer. This information is also stored in CPU memory for instant recall whenever a frequency is again selected.

The SEA 1630 also re-learns and compensate for changes in the antenna system. The SEA 1630 coupler tunes properly on low power inputs (25 to 50 watts) and supports an infinite number of channels within its specified frequency range (see specification). The SEA 1630 is rated for HF operations at 300 Watts RF power.

The SEA 1630 also includes the following features:

  • State-of-the-art microprocessor-based
  • Usable with any SSB transceiver
  • Interactive with SEA 330 transceiver
  • SEA 1631 interactive with SEA 235 or SEA 244
  • Automatic self tuning
  • Compensates for antenna
  • No presets or adjustments
  • Reduces installation costs


Part Number: SEA 1630C

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Price: $1,149.95

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