SEA 235R HF/SSB 150 W Digital Radiotelephone Transceiver with Digital Coupler and Remote Control Head

SEA 235R with Digital Coupler and Remote Control Head 235 is one of the first MF/HF SSB radiotelephones with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) as its fundamental architecture. 


Requires use of a SEA Automatic antenna coupler P/N 1612C or a SEA High Duty 1630 Automatic Antenna Coupler



The SEA 235R is an MF/HF SSB radiotelephone designed and built on a fully digital platform. This revolutionary radio is unequaled in performance, price, reliability, and flexibility for use in numerous special applications. 
Digital architecture makes the SEA 235R more reliable. It is also smaller and lighter than most MF/HF Single Side Band radios in the Marine marketplace. 
The SEA 235R design has proven to be extremely reliable and capable of sustaining high performance communications in harsh environments and under extreme signal conditions. 
Flexible SEABUSS interconnection supports multiple devices, balanced/unbalanced audio lines, and simplifies PACTOR and ALE controller interfaces. 
SEA has consistently provided competitively priced HF/MF SSB radiotelephones for more than 30 years. SEA MF/HF SSB radiotelephones have won numerous awards for excellence. 
SEA COM CORP has a worldwide service network to support all of its products, ensuring backup support almost anywhere in the world your ship is operating.


SEA 235R HF/ SSB Digital Radiotelephone Transceiver Features and Options Include -

  • Consisting of:
  • SEA 2351 Remote 150 Watt Transceiver
  • SEA 2350 Remote Controller
  • SEA 1612C Medium duty 1.6 to 30 MHz 150 Watt Automatic Antenna Tuner is weatherproof and designed for use with any 1.6 – 30 MHz, 150-watt transceiver. The 1612C accommodates most antenna configurations where tuning in the 4-meg and under bands is difficult. For operation on 13.6 VDC negative ground
  • DSP end-user benefits include: 
  •  More talk power than radiotelephones with equal power ratings 
  •  Virtually error free transition for voice and data 
  •  Clear audio with enhanced clarity and reception 
  •  Receives future enhancements and improvements through software upgrades 
  •  Flexible application filters configured through software 
  •  Increased reliability over analog filters 
  •  Email and Data capability 

Amateur bands with HAM/MARS operations 

  • Frequently used channels are pre-programmed from factory using alpha-numeric names for easy recall 
  • True AM receiver for clear undistorted reception 
  • Large easy to read LCD & backlit silicone keypad 



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Price: $3,899.95

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