SEA 1612C Automatic Antenna Tuner 13.6 VDC

The SEA 1612C is a 1.6 to 30 MHz 150 Watt Automatic Antenna Tuner is weatherproof and designed for use with any 1.6 – 30 MHz, 150-watt transceiver. The 1612C accommodates most antenna configurations where tuning in the 4-meg and under bands is difficult. For operation on 13.6 VDC negative ground.



The SEA 1612C Automatic antenna coupler is designed for use with SEA 235, SEA 235R, SEA 235D, SEA 245 and SEA 245/24 plus many more.


Designed and produced in the USA by SEA, an industry leader in high technology communications equipment, the SEA 1612C automatic MF/HF tuner combines the sophistication of advanced microprocessor techniques with high order practicality and operational reliability. The SEA 1612C is housed in a weatherproof molded case designed to withstand rugged environmental conditions encountered aboard ship while mounted on the external weather decks.

An automatic tuner/coupler is a necessity with modern multi-channel Marine MF/HF SSB transceivers like the SEA 235 and SEA 245G to obtain an efficient match between the antenna and radio. Also excellent for land mobile installations, the SEA 1612C is capable of tuning a vertical MF/HF antenna whip over a frequency range of 1.5 to 30 MHz.

The SEA 1612C is a versatile, fully automatic microprocessor-based antenna tuner. Upon the first receiver impulse, the transceiver initiates a rapid microprocessor controlled search/match procedure that  determines antenna characteristics and inter-connects the proper elements for optimum match and power transfer.

An internal microprocessor in the SEA 1612C has a “learning” capability that remembers which network constants were set in for a particular frequency. The SEA 1612C will continuously monitor and make adjustments automatically to any changes in the antenna system.


The SEA 1612C also includes the following features:

  • Duplex Mode  makes use of a special control algorithm that senses the RECEIVE mode of duplex channels.
  • Tune Lockout  feature is useful when two or more transmitters are co-located.
  • Demand Tune  function allows the user to force the antenna tuner to re-tune on demand.
  • The SEA 1612C is also available with an antenna grounding relay.


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Price: $899.95

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