SEA has long been recognized as a leader in the design and production of long-distance marine communications equipment Drawing upon this technical expertise, the SEATOR 3000G is a commercial-quality radio telex (SITOR) modem incorporating state-of-the-art technology at a fraction of the cost of existing telex modems. Radio telex is a reliable means of obtaining data communications at sea for economical low prices. Many of our competitor's SITOR systems require either a costly modem or the purchase of specific computer components.The SEATOR 3000G changes that. Its range of compatibility with computers and printers allows you to make the most of any investment you already have in a personal computer printer or telex-compatible SSB radio, such as the SEA 322. Capable of interfacing with most IBM compatible parallel printers and computer terminals, the compact SEATOR 3000G provides unequaled versatility at an unprecedented price. With the SEATOR 3000G, your radio telex system is driven completely by the modem's software. This not only allows a greater range of possible hardware configurations, but also provides a nondedicated computer that can be used for other functions when not used for sending or receiving telex messages. A major feature of the SEATOR 3000G is the freedom you get from monitoring your computer screen for incoming messages. The modem's mailbox feature acts Iike a telex answering machine allowing you to receive documents, such as catch reports and correspondence while you are attending to normal onboard duties. Up to eight pages of telex messages can be stored in memory until you are free to read them.You can also prepare messages in advance ensuring timely communications even when you are busy elsewhere or using your computer for another task.

The SEATOR 3000G also has a full range of modes including ARQ, FEC Broadcast, Selective Broadcast (SFEC), and Baudot. System operation is made user friendly through menu-driven keyboard commands. Four multi-color LED indicators clearly show the modem's status. Following in the footsteps of the SEA Shipcom modem, winner of two NMEA "Best of Category" awards for performance and reliability, the American made SEATOR 3000G is the logical choice for off-shore business communications. Part of a complete family of well-designed, American-made products from SEA, the SEATOR 3000G offers the same built-in versatility that makes SEA products so popular among recreational and commercial mariners. For reliable products that fill your radio telex, SSB, VHF, and weather facsimile needs.

Includes Mounting tray, radio interconnect cable and PC serial interconnect cable



SEA 3000G HF Radio Telex Modem Features:

  • GMDSS compliant
  • State-of-the-art performance for a low price.
  • Provides ship-to-ship and chip-to-shore data communication.
  • Compatible with most computers and parallel printers.
  • Unattended transmission/reception capabilities.
  • Simple, user-friendly operating procedures.


Part Number: SEA 3000G

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Price: $799.95

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